Kafa Development Association

Middle and High school construction

We’ve found individuals and organizations that successfully raised funds to help build a middle school and a hospital in our Ethiopian community. The school and the hospital were built by the local community, as KDA provided the leadership and logistical support for local entities to obtain all the necessary permits and customs clearances for all phases of the projects. No easy task if you know anything about the bureaucracy in Ethiopia.

Solar laptops and School Supplies

We raised funds to provide solar-powered laptops as well as desks and books for the school’s children. This is important in a region where the climate could damage traditional books. We also raised funds to install solar panels and charging stations to the school in order to re-charge these laptops and we continue to provide support and supplies to the school as needed. The Ethiopian government pays for the teachers’ salaries and room and board, but it is up to the community to maintain the school and its resources.

Medical Equipment

A KDA individual worked with Project Cure to bring $400,000 worth of much-needed medical equipment to the area. We obtained government clearance and all the associated customs and permitting paperwork and arranged for transportation and all the logistics needed to get these supplies to the community. It took a year and a half to do this – that’s record time for Ethiopia!

Medical Equipment

The people of the Kaffa province depend on spring water and a shallow water table to provide for their drinking water. The water is not safe to drink because they also share springs with local animals. KDA raised funds to protect local spring water in the village of Muti. The well now provides safe drinking water for the local school and surrounding area. We continue to raise funds to bring safe drinking water to the people of the region.