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Who we are

Kafa Development Association (KDA) is a  non-profit organization created to raise funds in support of projects and awareness of issues for the Kafa zone in southwest Ethiopia. The money is spent on projects that help the sustainability and self-sufficiency of the people in this region.

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ካፋ ልማት ማህበር ዋና ፅ/ቤት በስሩ ለሚገኙ ሰራተኞች ስልጠና ሰጠ፡፡

march 8 celebration KDA with kafa zone women youth children department

kDA has celebrated March 8,2021 with prisoner women

Upcoming Events

Cultural Bridge

Traditional Bridge Crossing

Mostly Used Traditional Bridge taking peoples of Kafa from Town to rural areas.

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Gods Bridge

Hiking on Gods Bridge

Bonga Gods Bridge is located at South western parts of Ethiopia surrounded by dense forest.

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Tour & Destination Sites in kafa

We have different tour destination to be visited in Kafa Here are some.

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Gods Bridge

Cultural Bridge

Mr. Gezai T/Birhan Membership Affairs and resource Mobilization
Mrs. Helen Sahle Public relations and Communication Officer
Mr. Tilahun Teshome Prohects and Program Head
Mr. Yigezu Birhanu Executive Director
Mr. Wondemagegn Taddese

Meat The Management team Behind Kafada.net

Kafada.net team

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Explore Kafa, bonga

Kafa Development Association /KDA/  around Bonga square, within a beautiful hilly landscape. Bonga is the ideal place to stay during your visit to Kafa and a perfect starting point for different tours of the region.  The Kafa Development Association Gust House is one of services provided by KDA and Located around 2 km away from capital of Kafa. The complex stretches over 3.5 hectares. It includes two bungalows, each with five cozy rooms and private bathrooms as well as a common room with a fireplace and terrace. There is also a site for campers to put up a tent or park a van. Facilities with toilets and showers are available onsite. KDA Guesthouse offers the option to hire a cook for a meal or even the entire holiday

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